About Us

Inventor of Crawl-Ez Socks, Kenya K. Reed, has worked with children for over 15 years.

Currently, he implements play therapy with infants and toddler from birth to 3 years of

age with developmental issues. Kenya realized many of his clients with crawling delays

weren't placed on the floor early in development to build their core muscles that helps

with crawling. Many parents placed children in swings, bounces, walkers, high chairs

that kept children stationary.When consulting with parents most of them were worried

about safety and bruising of their baby’s knees because of the type of floors that were

in the home (i.e. hardwood, carpet, laminated concrete, and tile). He realized with so

many types of floor finishing’s in houses, apartments, condos, and lofts babies find it

uncomfortable to crawl. Kenya’s vision of Crawl-Ez Socks was born!      

Crawl-Ez Socks are comfortable over the knee padded socks for children to crawl

across multiple surfaces. Don't be afraid to put your baby on the floor anymore!! Crawl-

Ez are safe, and give parents a piece mind. Oh, did we say stylish too? Crawl-Ez

fashionable styles and colors look great with designer baby outfits. Babies grow at an

accelerated pace from birth to the age of one. Crawl-Ez is a perfect

inexpensive alternative to parents buying multiple baby booties and shoes. So, Crawl-

Ez is not only safe,comfortable, and stylish it also cost effective. Your baby is going to

crawl, why not do it with easy in Crawl-Ez!!!